Table and floor lamps: as a decorative element 

Table lamps are not absolutely necessary for the lighting concept in your home, but they are a useful addition.
Table lamps are not absolutely necessary for the lighting concept in your home, but they are a useful addition. After all, table lamps or floor lamps can be used to create special islands of light in each area of the home to emphasise the ambience and atmosphere of the individual rooms.Read more
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Table lamps: A light source for every situation

They can be found in many living situations, whether on the nightstand in the form of a reading lamp, as a desk lamp in the study or as a stylish visual accent in the living room. They can therefore confidently be described as real all-rounders when it comes to lighting and are available in a wide variety of designs. If you want to supplement your private lighting concept with table lighting, you will find a huge selection of different models. These lamps are made of various materials such as wood, plastic and various metals. In addition, the lamps are equipped with lampshades of various types. Energy-saving, halogen or LED lamps can be used as light sources. With table lamps, a lovingly and individually designed interior can be optically perfected. 

Floor luminaires find the right place everywhere

Due to their size, modern floor lamps are clearly perceptible objects in a room. Therefore, the selection of a certain floor lamp should be carefully considered and adjusted to the respective purpose and appearance. They can represent an exclusive design object by their appearance, which is much more than a purely functional object. However, a standard lamp should also have a certain usefulness, for example as a light source for reading.

Especially practical are free-standing luminaires whose articulated arms can be adjusted. It is equally useful and helpful if the luminaire head can be adjusted, especially when floor lamps are used at the workplace or for reading.
Floor lamps are frugal lighting objects because they do not require a fixed place on a piece of furniture, but only a power socket nearby.

High-quality materials such as opal glass, polished metal or a gold leaf finish make a designer floor lamp a real highlight of the entire office or living room interior in daylight and darkness alike.
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