B.Lux Veroca Wall: light sail with sail plate for wall or ceiling mounting

Because sail lights from material are suitable only for ceiling mounting, the designers of B.lux have come along it to the task to design a light sail that can be used for ceiling and wall mounting. In the case of wall mounting, the gravity would sag the sail cloth and destroy the charm of the sail. The designer Miguel Angel Ciganda succeeded in 2011 to create a sailing light that can do both. The difference to conventional Veroca light sail makes a plastic plate in sail shape and shorter spacers.
Also here, the light shines very soft and provides a pleasant glare-free light atmosphere. The square wall or ceiling light is operated with a fluorescent lamp (2GX13), but is also available with energy-saving LEDs. All Veroca Wall fluorescent lamp models are equipped with electronic ballast (ECG) or with electronic dimmer (switchDIM). 

Veroca Wall mounting instructions

Veroca Wall wall/ceiling lamp
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