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Chandeliers & lusters for your home


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Modern and antique chandeliers

Modern pendant lamps, for example, are characterised by plain and simple shapes, while the chandelier is the timeless classic among the hanging lamps. Because the classic chandeliers have a large hanging system, e.g. made of crystal, the light is distributed particularly well throughout the room and unusual lighting effects can be created in the room and on the ceiling. Category chandeliers & luster

The chandelier: King of luminaires

By the way, the crystal chandelier is considered a particularly elegant variation. This is why it is actually preferred for use in rooms that are furnished with furniture in classic design. They are particularly popular in rooms that primarily serve representative purposes. Chandeliers with coloured or black hangings harmonise wonderfully with trendy and modern bedrooms, living rooms or even kitchens.

But please consider one thing before you install a chandelier in your home: A chandelier needs space and "air" to unfold all its beauty - it needs to be able to "breathe", so to speak, not to "suffocate" your room. Therefore, it is only suitable for rooms with high ceilings, because low ceilings and small rooms literally take away the dignity of this noble luminaire. It should not obstruct the view and must not be hung too low. For smaller rooms, square and less protruding chandeliers are recommended.

Most chandeliers and lustres mainly use classic candle-shaped, spherical or wind-blown candles with clear glass in LED or halogen. When choosing the light colour, the factor of cosiness should be important. For this reason, luminaires in warm white are generally recommended for living rooms.