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Ring lamps & ring pendant lamps for your home


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Moderne Ring Pendelleuchten

Ring lights: A luminous statement for stylish rooms

Our ring lights are more than just simple lighting - they are a shining statement that adds an elegant touch to your room. Available in different sizes and shapes, the lights are the perfect match for any room decor. Whether you prefer a minimalist ambience or want to add a touch of luxury to your dining room, our ring pendant lights will fulfill your wishes. Available in various sizes and shapes, the lights are the perfect match for any room decor.

An overview of our ring light variants

Ring pendant lights: Floating elegance above your dining table
Immerse yourself in the world of floating elegance with our Ring pendant lights. Whether shining directly downwards or with a combination of direct and indirect light - these lights will set the perfect scene in your dining room.

Ring ceiling lights: Minimalist chic for your interior design
Our ring ceiling lights are a statement in terms of minimalism and chic. With different shapes and light beams, they offer a modern solution for uniform room illumination.

Ring wall lights: Accentuated play of light on your walls
Experience a new dimension in interior design with our Ring wall lights. Accentuate your walls with elegant shapes and light variants for a particularly inviting atmosphere.

Ring light shapes: Endless creativity, countless possibilities

Discover the variety of shapes of our ring lights, ranging from classic to avant-garde. Choose the shape that perfectly matches your furnishing style:
- Round: Classic elegance
- Open ring: Modern and unique
- Oval: Gentle, curved lines
- Square: Clearly defined and timeless
- Rectangular: Geometric precision
- Spiral: Dynamic and playful

Ring lights colors: A feast for the senses

Immerse yourself in the world of colors and materials that turn your ring lights into true works of art:
- Matte colors: White, black, gray, gray-beige, gold, rosé, bronze
- Brushed metal colors: Brushed aluminum, brushed anthracite, brushed rosé, brushed bronze/brown, brushed gold, brushed champagne.
- Mixed colors: iron grey, rust
- Precious leaf decorations: Gold leaf, silver leaf, copper leaf
- 2-colored: Combinations such as white outside with gold leaf inside

LED light colors: Color temperatures for the perfect ambience

Choosing the right color temperature is essential. Whether it's warm, cozy light for intimate dinners or cool, bright light for productive meals - we'll show you how to perfectly adjust the lighting at the dining table.
- 3000K warm white: Cozy atmosphere
- 2700K super warm white: With a touch of yellow
- 4000K neutral white: Clear and modern

Ring lights light emission: design your lighting experience

Decide on the light distribution that suits your room concept:
- Direct downward light distribution: perfect for targeted lighting
- Direct/indirect downward + upward distribution: Creates harmonious room illumination

Intelligent technologies for more comfort

Brightness adjustment made easy
Make your lighting dynamic with the ability to adjust brightness. Our Ring pendant luminaires give you the flexibility to adjust the light according to your needs - from a subdued atmosphere to bright lighting for social gatherings.

Smart home integration for innovative control
Find out how you can seamlessly integrate your Ring lights into your smart home. Control your lighting by voice command or via an app and experience lighting technology.

FAQ: Your questions, our answers

1. What are the advantages of LED ring lights?
The advantages of LED ring lights are their energy-efficient lighting, their very attractive architectural design, a thin and narrow lampshade and their light weight, which makes them an ideal choice for stylish lighting

2. Which color temperatures are particularly suitable for dining table lighting?
The choice of color temperature depends on the desired atmosphere. Warm white light (2700-3000 Kelvin) creates a cozy mood, while neutral white light (3500-4500 Kelvin) provides balanced lighting.

3. How can the brightness of the ring lights be adjusted?
The brightness can be easily adjusted by dimming or using smart home technologies such as ZigBee or Casambi. 

4. How can Ring pendant lights be optimized through smart technologies?
Integration into your smart home allows you to control Ring lights by voice command or app. Automated schedules and adaptation to your daily routines offer additional convenience.

Your dining room lighting, your style

Invest in ring lights that are not just light sources, but works of art that define your space. Let your rooms shine and create an atmosphere that becomes the focal point of every gathering. Order today and let your interior shine in a new light!