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Plaster recessed spotlights & concrete recessed lights


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Gypsum downlights and recessed spotlights in concrete look

Downlights made of plaster are a type of light fixtures that are built into the ceiling to create beautiful lighting. They are usually used in rooms such as the living room, dining room, hallway and bathroom to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Plaster lamps can be painted over and are available in square or round shapes to decorate any room. Plaster recessed lights can either be installed directly into the ceiling or offered as surface mounted plaster lights that can be easily attached to the ceiling. They are usually equipped with an energy-saving bulb to ensure a long service life.

Installation of plaster recessed lights

Gypsum recessed spotlights are usually installed in the plasterboard ceiling. First, you need to mark the desired position of the luminaire on the ceiling. Then it is necessary to cut a hole where the light fixture can be installed. This hole is usually smaller than the luminaire itself, so it is possible to slide the luminaire into the hole and attach it. Once attached, the light fixture can be surrounded with a plaster material to create a professional look. After the plaster dries, the light can be connected and turned on.

Concrete recessed lighting 

The concrete recessed light is a modern type of lighting that is used in many modern interiors. The lamps are ideal for use in rooms with an industrial or minimalist look. Concrete downlights are robust and durable, and provide even and warm lighting. Concrete-look recessed spotlights are available in round and square shapes and can be installed according to the size of the room and your needs to provide even and pleasant lighting. Installation is simple and fast, as the lights have a simple mounting system.