B.Lux Veroca ceiling lamps with sail cloth

Veroca sail cloth lights are available in 4 standar-sizes, also as wall lamp:

This is the special strength of B.lux Veroca LED

The model "Veroc"a belongs to the top products of the manufacturer B.Lux since 1996. But on these successes, those responsible are resting in any way. Rather, they are always striving after their successful product - to continue to improve - as well as their modern ceiling lamps. The Veroca luminaire is now also available in an LED version. Thus B.Lux wants to offer its customers the ability to energy conservation, without the need for it to accept compromises in luminosity. Finally, the LED lights of the model Veroca have the same luminosity as the sister models based on fluorescent tubes.

In principle, the properties of luminaire were maintained, that Miguel Angel Ciganda had designed. Only the energy consumption is significantly lower than the fluorescent model. The luminaire cunstruction is also identical. Thus it possesses a luminous body, a refractory sail cloth and four tension springs. The sail cloth can easily be cleaned at 30° to 40° C in the washing machine. Another advantage: every Veroca in LED already has a built-in dimmer, which can be operated by means of push buttons. Saving energy and at the same time creating a feeling of well being this is possible with the Veroca LED light sail!

Veroca as ceiling lamp in 4 sizes:
Wall lamp Veroca Wall is available in 3 sizes:
•    80x80cm
•    80x40cm
•    40x40cm

Here is the Veroca ideally suited

Because the ceiling sail cloth has a neutral form and at the same time a warm atmosphere, the light sail is ideally suited for the home and in public places. The indirect ceiling lighting is also installed in nursery school, doctor's offices, waiting rooms, shops, offices, hotels.... A particularly positive feature is that the sail can be printed individually in the two square formats. This gives the lamp a very personal touch. This is especially appreciated in living rooms or by companies. The reason: the individual design possibility with a photo or company logo allows the lamp to be optimally adapted to the furnishing or the company concept, creating a particularly harmonious atmosphere.

Light sails also available in other sizes?

If no matching standard light sail should be there, you have the option SL fabric light sail to order in the desired dimension. The sail cloth is made to measure! You will receive an offer for your desired sailing light. 

For requests please indicate:
-    desired dimensions, fabric paint and fabric type (white or yellow)
-    the location for ceiling lamp (office, meeting room, waiting room, living room or bedroom)
-    room size and ceiling height
-    LED or with fluorescent tubes

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