Suitable lighting under the sail cloth

Sail cloth lamps can be operated with different light sources. In addition to the fluorescent tube variant T5, these include LED, E27, LED Dynamic White with white light mixing as well as LED RGB with colour change. The ceiling lamp should be very flat and about 4-7 cm high. LED panels, very flat ceiling lights or LED light batten luminaires connected in series are possible.

Ceiling lamp sizes for canvas
Canvas 80x80cm: ceiling lamp 30x30cm or 40x40cm
Canvas from 100x100cm: ceiling lamp 60x60cm
Canvas from 130x130cm: ceiling lamp 60x60cm or 4x 30x30cm
Canvas 60x110cm: ceiling lamp 2x 30x30cm
Canvas 60x170cm: ceiling lamp 30x120cm

Bright LED ceiling lamp Frania square
Flat LED ceiling light Frania, 33W/3900lm, light colour: 3000K warm white,
LxWxH: 43cmx43cmx 7cm
72,00 EUR
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
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