Light sails & sailing light by B.Lux and SL

You are looking for a ceiling lamp that combines soft and glare-free light? Then is a sail lamp/light sail the right choice. This luminaire serves as indirect ceiling lighting and gives you magnificent indirect light. You have the choice between "Veroca light sails" by B.Lux(Made in Spain) or "SL light sails" (Made in Austria). Read more

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Veroca fabric ceiling lamps & light sails
For more information and advice about sail lamps/light sails:

► Facts about light sails

► Individual light sails

► Sail cloth cleaning & ironing instructions

If you wish an individual dimensions, that is no problem! SL sail luminaires are manufactured to customer requirements of various sizes. We also offer Veroca sailing lamps to customer specification. Please send us an inquiry and you will receive within 2-3 days an offer.

For inquiries please indicate:
- Veroca or SL light sail
- wanted material dimensions, fabric color and fabric type (mat or satin-glossy)
- location of use (office, living room or bedroom)
- room size(LxW) and height