Accessories for light sails

Flat ceiling lights that look too "technical" can be covered with a ceiling sailcloth and create a more comfortable atmosphere in the room. Ceiling canvases are not only timeless, they fit into every room and every style.

Ceiling fixing - mounting material

Sail lights are supplied with the following spacers:
►Veroca H: 5,7cm (in chrome, conical)
►Veroca Wall: 2,7cm (in silver matt, conical)
►SL: 3,5cm ( in chrome, cylindrical)

All spacer variations can be ordered as spare parts.Weiterlesen
Veroca Blux fixing material for sail lamps H:5,5cm
94,00 EUR
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
Universal dimmer for push button 230V illuminant
55,00 EUR
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Blind frame

Sometimes it happens that in very large or low rooms you see the lamps and electrics of Veroca. Even in stairwells, it is sometimes impossible to prevent a view of the base plate on the way out. This is remedied by a satinised anti-glare frame which is pushed under the base plate (between ceiling and base plate).

Note: changing to shorter spacers can also be helpful

Wireless dimmer

In order to be able to dim a dimmable sail light by means of a button, a 4th wire is absolutely necessary (3 wires are standard)! If no additional wire is available and retightening is impossible, a radio dimmer can be used as a remedy. You need a dimmable (switchDIM) sail light and a radio dimmer set. This wireless dimmer replaces the missing wire to be able to dim! The button is already included in the set.
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