B.Lux Veroca 1: ceiling lamps with fabric sail cloth 170x170cm

The large square light sail Veroca 1 of B.Lux impresses with it´s simple and timeless style. The tensioned fireproof canvas emits the light particularly softly and ensures a pleasant, glare-free light atmosphere. The square ceiling light is operated with fluorescent tubes (T8 or T5) or compact fluorescent lamps (2G11) and is also available in LED. All Veroca fluorescent lamp models are equipped with electronic ballast (ECG or MultiWatt ECG) or with electronic dimmer (switchDIM or 1-10V).

Veroca 1 can be used in large spaces such as private rooms like living room, bedroom or office and meeting rooms, doctor's offices, waiting room, restaurant ...

B.Lux Veroca 1 sail cloth ceiling lamp
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