Wall lamps & lights for indoor rooms

Wall lamps: More than just an important light source

Indirect light is pleasant for everyone, because it creates a homely and comfortable room atmosphere. Wall luminaires are predestined to create indirect lighting. Wall luminaires are virtually predestined for creating indirect lighting. The wall serves as a reflection surface. Spotlights on the lamp can illuminate individual wall areas selectively and thus set certain accents. Kategorie Wandlampen
The whole wall impression can be emphasized and accentuated by the light cone sections. If, on the other hand, an open room impression is desired and no emphasis is placed on the wall, seamless and uniform wall lighting makes sense. Glare can be avoided with a wall luminaire that provides vertical lighting. They can point the way in dark corridors and illuminate the face in bathrooms as mirror wall luminaires. In addition to a comfortable reading area, wall reading luminaires can support the room and provide a certain basic brightness so that the eye is protected from rapid fatigue. Wall lamps are available in a wide variety of designs.

So that they can act, they need appropriate space. They can create a free wall surface with a directed beam of light and supply a small or large area with light, depending on the beam.

Should the wall luminaire have a reading light?

Because wall luminaires provide more indirect lighting in the home, there are now numerous luminaires with a reading arm. A reading lamp with flexible gooseneck and energy-saving LED technology combines targeted reading lighting.