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Ideal Lux Vulcano small gypsum ceiling spot GU10

Surface-mounted ceiling lamp Vulcano small PL1 made of plaster, can be painted over, ØxH:16,5x6cm
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Modern ceiling spotlights with round or square lamp body

Ceiling spotlights are a type of lamps that are mounted on the ceiling. They provide comfortable and efficient lighting and are a most popular lighting option. They are available in various sizes, shapes and colors and offer a modern, elegant look. These surface-mounted spotlights can serve a variety of functions, such as directly illuminating a room, highlighting specific objects, or creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Ceiling spotlights can also be used as a single light source in more confined settings to provide broad illumination. They are also extremely energy efficient and can be used in conjunction with halogen lamps or replaceable retrofit LED lamps to save energy and money. These spotlight lamps are often used in residential, office, and commercial settings.

LED ceiling spotlight

A LED ceiling spotlight is a modern lighting solution that provides bright and energy-efficient lighting indoors. This surface mounted LED fixture consists of light emitting diodes (LEDs) and a housing that protects the LEDs. For optimal illumination, multiple light-emitting diodes work together in a combination of direct and indirect lighting. Thanks to the combination of the latest LED technology and convenient operation, LED ceiling spotlights offer an energy-efficient and long-lasting lighting solution. At the same time, they provide a pleasant and homogeneous quality of light while reducing energy consumption. LED ceiling spots are available in various sizes, colors and shapes, making them suitable for any interior style. They can be used in private rooms as well as in offices, hotels and stores.

Surface mounted luminaires

Surface mounted luminaires are a type of luminaires that are mounted on the wall or ceiling. They are usually compact and can be available in different styles, such as modern, classic or retro. These surface mounted spotlights are usually equipped with one or more reflectors, which are used to concentrate the light beam and increase the brightness. They can be used to illuminate specific areas, such as a kitchen, living room or workspace. Surface mount spotlights are available in many different sizes and colors.