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Recessed spotlights & downlights for ceiling installation


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Downlights for ceiling mounting

Recessed luminaires emit their light downwards. They are therefore ideally suited for places in the home where excellent lighting is required but space is limited. Category recessed lamps While they provide good light in the bathroom and kitchen, built-in lamps can be used as accent lighting at stairways, in the hallway or bedroom, creating a very special atmosphere. Depending on the desired area of application, recessed spotlights are available with all common light sources. Due to the good lighting quality, halogen lamps or LED lamps are predominantly used in the living area.

It is advisable to determine the arrangement of luminaires early enough in the planning stage so that the required supply lines can be laid in good time and the pouring pots in concrete ceilings can be taken into account.

Another important factor in the purchase decision is the question of whether the respective lamp can be pivoted. This has the advantage that the recessed luminaire emits light in different directions, which means that no angle remains dark in the room.
LED built-in spotlights prove to be extremely energy-saving and practical. Dimmable spots, especially for the dining room and living room, are also in demand. Recessed spotlights with a recessed inner frame are particularly clever, because they are glare-free. High visual comfort is the pleasant consequence of choosing this solution.