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LED bulbs and light sources

Osram G9 LED bulb 4,4W dimmable warm white 470lm
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LED bulbs - retrofit - Modernise the inner life of your luminaires

LED bulbs & LED illuminats

The popular LED retrofit bulbs are a special bulb variant. The clou: they have conventional plug-in or screw bases and can replace conventional incandescent lamps without having to replace the complete luminaire. Retrofit LED bulbs are suitable for almost all standard base sockets. They are available in numerous different light colours and different versions, whether as a replacement for classic incandescent lamps (E14 and E27), for plug-in base lamps (G9, G4) or for high- or low-voltage halogen systems (GU10/PAR16, GU5.3/MR16).

Retrofit LED illuminants are characterised by their good colour rendering and high energy efficiency. The LED bulbs can be changed very easily. If desired, they can be dimmed and change their light colour into the warm tone range - at least some models allow this. Surely you know the disadvantages of a conventional energy-saving lamp: The light colour needs getting used to and mercury and a switching delay can be gladly done without. With an LED bulb, these disadvantages do not apply. It is therefore an excellent alternative to the classic light bulb.  In addition, the LED illuminant is also far better than ECO halogen bulbs in terms of service life and energy efficiency. 

In terms of colour rendering, however, the lead of the retrofit LED bulb is somewhat smaller. However, with LED illuminants, it is still easy to replace the energy-saving lamp or the conventional incandescent lamp. In comparison to conventional alternatives, the values of retrofit LED illuminants for the visible light generated are more than two or ten times higher. LED technology in retrofit illuminants is also the current benchmark in terms of energy savings.