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Crystal lamps: Brilliant elegance for luxurious room lighting


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Crystal lamps & lights

Crystal lights: from modern to antique

No other lamp represents elegance and style as much as crystal lamp. The reason: crystals are unique pieces of work, through which light reflections are emitted that resemble those of a rainbow. Therefore, a lamp with crystals is considered particularly fascinating both by the owners and their guests.

A further advantage of crystal chandeliers is that they are offered in numerous different designs with different crystals - in terms of shape and color. The processing of crystals is extremely complex, but the result is just as high-quality.

No matter whether in a restaurant, a chic hotel or in your own four walls: A crystal ceiling lamp can give any room a particularly luxurious aura. In a modern variation, in gold or shiny chrome, the right lamp is guaranteed for every interior style and taste.
Antique crystal chandeliers are preferred in rooms with a classic design. But of course there are also modern crystal lamps which fit perfectly into trendy furnished apartments and give them a particularly stylish touch. Both classic and modern versions provide a cosy atmosphere in the room. This is why crystal lamps are very popular in the living room, where they provide a special touch of cosiness and comfort.

The chandelier: King of crystal lamps

By the way, the crystal chandelier is a very elegant variant. This is therefore actually preferred in rooms that are equipped with furniture in a classic design. They are particularly popular in rooms that are primarily used for representative purposes. Chandeliers, which have coloured or black crystal hangings, harmonise wonderfully with trendy and modernly furnished bedrooms, living rooms or even kitchens.

Since large chandeliers require a certain amount of space, they should not be installed in rooms that are too small. It should not obstruct the view and should not be hung too low. For smaller rooms, square and less protruding chandeliers with crystal curtains are recommended.
Most crystal lamps mainly use light sources in classic candle form with clear glass in LED or halogen.

By the way: A magnificent crystal chandelier can only sparkle and shine majestically if it is cleaned of dust and dirt at regular intervals. The filigree elements can be cleaned wet or dry. A soft brush or a lint-free dust cloth is suitable for the care of the curtains. If the chandelier is to be damp cleaned, it is recommended to remove the fuse first to avoid a short circuit. The lamp can then be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, preferably in combination with a crystal cleaner or a little washing-up liquid.