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Indoor lamps: Discover stylish lighting for every room


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Interior lamps as useful decoration

The right lighting is different from room to room. Suitable lamps for the interior ensure perfect illumination of all living spaces. Luminaires with a neutral white or a bluish light colour are particularly suitable for work areas. They reduce the strain on the eyes and increase work efficiency. In the living room, on the other hand, lamps that emit a warm and cosy light are preferred. Wall lights, table lights and also floor lamps provide additional lighting.  Indoor lamps Light plays a major role in our lives: On the one hand, it has an effect on the physiology of our bodies. It is not only responsible for good health, but also for our personal well-being. On the other hand, lighting is one of the most useful decorations in our living room. In an elegant way we create a cosy atmosphere that turns our four walls into a home. A wide range of floor and hanging lamps, as well as wall and ceiling lamps provide the corresponding design options.

The different types of interior lighting

Harmonious indoor lighting always consists of two types of lighting (room and zone lighting): general or ambient lighting, also known as room lighting, provides comprehensive illumination of the rooms. She's responsible for making it easy to see everything. Ceiling lights and hanging lamps are ideal basic lighting. The zone lights, on the other hand, only illuminate certain areas of the living areas, which makes them essential for demanding tasks. These include floor lamps as well as table and wall lights.

Various material and design of interior lights

Interior lights are available in a wide range of materials including fabric, plaster, crystal and glass. Wood is also popular and emits a warm light that creates a cosy atmosphere. Luminaires with elegant metal shapes, which can be finished either with gold, silver or copper leaf, provide a more elegant touch and offer enormous stability in addition to their visual appeal. The material of the lampshades also has an effect on the amount of light emitted. Thus, the material determines not only the design of the luminaire, but also the lighting effect.