Sail cloth cleaning & ironing instructions

SL sail cloth fabric white & beige
Sail cloth from model SL: beige & white
 Sailcloth Veroca yellow & white
Sailcloth from model Veroca: yellow &white


Sailcloth is made of a permanent flame retardant material, and even stains are not a problem. It can be easily washed at 30-40°C and ironed.
Permanently flame retardant fabrics are made of a chemically modified yarn in which the heavy flammability is already included in the fiber. The fabric can be washed without losing its character. In public areas are permanently flame retardant fabrics duty and have the standard according satisfy to DIN 4120 B1.

Sailcloth cleaning and ironing instructions

Non-sensitive material

Veroca and SL fabric

The sail material is not sensitive, but should be consider some points:
- washable with detergent in washing machine at 30°C - 40°C
- do not spray fabric with ironing spray
- iron only in a moist state and with a lot of steam
- not too hot iron, only at medium temperature - material is flame retardant and shrinks at high temperatures
- do not bleach

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