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If you want to use a special lighting concept in your rooms, Sail lamps are the right choice. A sailing light, also called light sails, is perfectly suited for the effective and appealing to all the senses illumination of rooms. Whether private rooms such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom or children or else business and meeting rooms, doctors' offices and waiting room - thanks to soft fabric cover create such ceiling lamps a warm, indirect lighting, which ensures a unique lighting atmosphere. At the same time sail luminaires offers excellent sound absorption and thus splendid tranquility in your home - ideal after a busy day. Sail luminaires consist of the fabric cover - canvas -, the electric base plate, mounting template and the mounting kit with tension springs.

Light sails variations

1. Light sails with ballasts (as illuminant are fluorescent tubes)
2. Light sails with LED (as illuminant are LED circuit boards)

Light sails with ballast
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1. Electronic (ECG) Electronic ballast 

2. Electronic multiple wattage (ECG) Multiple wattage ECG 

3. Electronic dimmer (DALI digital-switch/Touch DIM) DALI switch DIM ballast 

4. Elektronic dimmer (analogical 1-10V) Analogical dimmable ballast 

Light sails with LED
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Veroca in LED Light sail Veroca in LED 


Light types

Light sails are according on the desired application available in different sizes by the Spanish manufacturer "B.Lux" as model Veroca or "Made in Austria" as model SL. SL sail lights are produced to order by our manufacturer "2F Lights" from Abtenau (province of Salzburg) and produced by hand for you. Special requests are therefore not a problem.

Model Veroca

Veroca: Ceiling light sail Veroca with textil cover in white or yellow (170x170cm, 105x105cm, 170x60cm, 105x60cm)


Ceiling fixation models
Sail lights are supplied with the following spacers:

  1. Veroca H: 5,7cm (in chrome, conical)

  2. Veroca Wall: 2,7cm (in matt silver, conical)

  3. SL: 3,5cm (in chrome, cylindrical)

All spacers variations can be ordered as replacement parts.

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