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Know about sail luminaire

Find out more about light sails

If you want to use a special lighting concept in your rooms, Sail lamps are the right choice. A sailing light, also called light sails, is perfectly suited for the effective and appealing to all the senses illumination of rooms. Whether private rooms such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom or children or else business and meeting rooms, doctors' offices and waiting room - thanks to soft fabric cover create such ceiling lamps a warm, indirect lighting, which ensures a unique lighting atmosphere. At the same time sail luminaires offers excellent sound absorption and thus splendid tranquility in your home - ideal after a busy day. Sail luminaires consist of the fabric cover - canvas -, the electric base plate, mounting template and the mounting kit with tension springs.
Wall & ceiling lamp Veroca Wall

Should be light sail mounted on the wall are fabric covers not suitable. Here we recommend "Veroca Wall".
These sails luminaire has a plastic cover in sail shape and can be used as wall or ceiling lamp.

Light sails variations

1. Light sails with ballasts (as illuminant are fluorescent tubes)
2. Light sails with LED (as illuminant are E27 LED bulb or LED circuit boards)

Light sails with ballast
(Further informations on red arrow)

1. Electronic (ECG) Electronic ballast 


2. Electronic multiple wattage (ECG) Multiple wattage ECG 

3. Electronic dimmer (DALI digital-switch/Touch DIM) DALI switch DIM ballast 

4. Elektronic dimmer (analogical 1-10V) Analogical dimmable ballast 

Light sails with LED
(Further informations on red arrow)

1. With dimmable E27 LED bulbs - one color Light sail E27 LED 

2. LED one color Light sail LED one color 

3. LED-RGB with color change LED-RGB base with color change 

4. Veroca in LED Light sail Veroca in LED 

5. Dynamic White LED with white light mixture Dynamic white LED light sails 

Dynamic white or tunable white sail luminaires mix stepless cool white and warm white lightTunable - dynamic white light sail

Daylight similar illumination has a positive effect on well-being, health and productivity of people. Natural daylight helps mood swings and holds the biorhythm in balance. By dynamically adjustable light that follows the course of the day, especially benefit people who spend under artificial lighting many hours a day. The color temperature is dynamically adjustable between 2500K and 6500K and can be dimmed.

Cold white light with blue component: acts in the morning stimulating and gives power, helps concentration
Neutral white light: has an activating effect, good reading and working light
Warm white light: helps by lowering light intensity to relax
Ultra warm white light: invites to shut down, to take back and relax

Light types

Light sails are according on the desired application available in different sizes by the Spanish manufacturer "B.Lux" as model Veroca or "Made in Austria" as model SL. SL sail lights are produced to order by our manufacturer "2F Lights" from Abtenau (province of Salzburg) and produced by hand for you. Special requests are therefore not a problem.

Model Veroca

1.  Veroca: Ceiling light sail Veroca with textil cover in white or yellow (170x170cm, 105x105cm, 170x60cm, 105x60cm)
2.  Veroca Wall: Wall and ceiling light sail Veroca Wall plastic cover in sail shape (80x80cm,80x40cm,40x40cm)
3.  Veroca Print: ceiling light sails are not are not only available in white and yellow, but also with screen printing ink. Children rooms can be change into comfortable oases of well, with colored screen printing ink printed fabric sails, which are available in seven different styles. Veroca Print is only available in square version (170x170cm, 105x105cm). Please send us an inquiry.

Veroca Print Otono
Print motives

Model SL

1. Ceiling lamp SL with sail cloth in white or beige.

2.  LED (single color), RGB-WW with color change, Dynamic White LED 

Difference Veroca to SL light sails

Differences there are not many, because now also "Veroca" are made to measure.

Advantages Veroca:
- Many standard models (170x170cm, 105x105cm, 170x60cm, 105x60cm) stocked with white fabric

Advantages SL:
- Lower spacer (3.5cm) as Veroca (5.7 cm) - therefore the insight on the electrical system is prevented
- Different LED light colors and baseplates
- 3 different fabric colors: white, cream white satin-shiny, Veroca materials are only available in white and yellow
- Special requests are not a problem


Glare protection frames
Sometimes it happens that the illuminant and electrics of Veroca you see in very large or low spaces. Also in the stairwells can not prevent the view of the base plate. Solution: a satin antiglare framework which is pushed (between ceiling and base plate) under the base plate.
Note: a change to shorter spacers may be helpful

Ceiling fixation models
Sail lights are supplied with the following spacers:

  1. Veroca H: 5,7cm (in chrome, conical)

  2. Veroca Wall: 2,7cm (in matt silver, conical)

  3. SL: 3,5cm (in chrome, cylindrical)

All spacers variations can be ordered as replacement parts.

Remote dimmer
To dim a dimmable sail lamp via switch, a 4th wire is absolutely necessary (standard are 3 wires)! If no additional wire exist and a retightening impossible, could be the solution a remote dimmer. You need dimmable ballast(switchDIM) for sail lamp and a remote dimmer set. This remote dimmer replaces the missing wire to be able to dim! The switch is in set included.

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